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18 to 27 November 2023, Darjeeling, India

Advocate for Change Through Teaching Whole Systems and Passion Based Learning.

In this dynamic and interactive course, we share impactful teaching techniques that promote effective communication and application of Permaculture principles and strategies to a wide variety of audiences and educational settings. Our goal is to encourage and inspire your unique strengths and abilities by demonstrating diverse teaching modalities including effective use of lecture, storytelling, class discussions, interactive experiential activities, visual aids and hands-on skills. 

As a class, we create a safe setting of active learning and build confidence through preparing and co-teaching multiple presentations providing essential and experiential practice opportunities. Participants engage in social permaculture and build strong resource networks to support one another via group projects.  

Our time will itself be divided into Lectures, Photoshows, Discussions, Demonstrations, Exercises, Hands-on, and a walkabout. There will be a series of presentations, with guidance, that everyone will do, with at least one opportunity for another. We start basic and simple, then build the layers of learning from there. This is an engaged experience, with lots of information shared. We keep the process relaxed while learning about learning and growing from it.

While this course is focused on preparing one to help others learn permaculture, it has value for everyone in the teaching professions. It will help all levels of educators integrate regenerative topics and activities into their existing curriculum, as well as help them create more regenerative learning experiences.

Learning is grows Understanding, and is Empowering,Regenerative, and a Foundational Element of Permaculture Solutions

Training venue “Mineral Springs, Dabaipani, Darjeeling”

Mineral Springs, Dabaipani is an internationally certified organic and fair-trade labeled collective of 456 small farmers since 2002. The farmers have come under the Mineral Spring Sanjukta Vikas Sanstha since 1996. The collective has been marketing small farmers' organic tea in the international market. The tea is grown as part of a polyculture crop, within thousands of acres of Forest Garden and food systems

The participants will have home stay accommodations facilities with the members of Mineral Spring Sanjukta Vikas Sanstha.

Teacher: Rico Zook ( Meta )

Host: DLR Prerna: FB: Darjeeling Prerna

Permaculture Teachers Training Course fees, inclusive of training material, food and lodge:

International Candidates Rs. 32,000:00

Indian Nationals residing Rs. 25,000:00

Course Topics Include:

• Philosophy and Ethics of Being an Instructor

• The Art of Teaching and Facilitation

• Adult Learning Styles

• Building Curriculum and Lesson Plans

• Presenting Styles

• Utilizing Media and Activities

• Co-Instructing

• Time Management

• Venue Logistics, Course Planning, Marketing and Budgets

• Interns, Apprentices and Mentoring

• Evaluations and Feedback

• Tips from the Trade

• Tips for the Road

• Keeping Up the Spirit

• Self-care

• Right Livelihood

• Extensive Resources and More

This course is committed to and focused upon each participant starting or continuing on this educational and socially active path. As part of an ongoing work focus Rico is committed to assisting those who want to learn how learning happens and those wanting to engage in the facilitation of the learning experience. This course will help everyone be more engaged in their learning process while having fun.

With the successful completion of the required elements a Certificate from the Permaculture Institute of North America will be awarded. (See MOU in Participant Packet)

Prerequisite: Permaculture Design Course Certificate or instructor’s approval.


Rico Zook: With a lifetime in an educational atmosphere and work, Rico brings decades of experience to this course. He has facilitated and taught with many different demographics in widely different locations. Besides leading over 50 PDC’s he has lead just as manyshort introductory and specialized courses, plus,Farmer trainings  on a variety of topics via translation andTraining the Trainers with NGOs. Prior to coming to permaculture he taught courses as diverse as cooking and martial arts.

For the past 25+ years Rico has been a Permaculture designer, consultant and educator working with private individuals, farmers, villagers and local organizations in India, Cambodia, Spain, northern New Mexico, Europe and other parts of the world. His work focuses on assisting all levels of our global community to create culturally and environmentally appropriate life systems that are resilient and regenerative.


Darjeeling Ladenla Road Prerna (DLR Prerna) FB: Darjeeling Prerna

DLR Prerna is a Darjeeling based NGO working in the Darjeeling Hills since 1996.

Vision Statement

Darjeeling Ladenla Road Prerna believes in a world that sees the need to live as one family where the environment is preserved and protected, where conscious efforts are made to remove unjust structures while striving to build a just and humane society.

Mission statement 

Our mission is to build sustainable human communities in the Darjeeling hills and the adjoining areas by promoting people's participation, gender equality and living in harmony with the environment. 

Darjeeling Prerna works towards having regenerative relationships with small farmers, forest villagers, tea plantations workers, CBOs, CSOs, Educational Institutions and NGOs in furthering the vision and mission of the organisation. We are a Darjeeling based organisation and our interventions are grounded in the specificities and long term lived experiences within the Darjeeling Himalaya. Our relationships extend across Sikkim as part of the Darjeeling Sikkim Himalaya. We bring these experiences to the larger discussion tables negotiating invisible systems that needs supportive policy environments. Darjeeling Prerna believes in a participatory, inclusive and environment friendly approach to development and is the organisational philosophy of good governance within and in all our interventions.

Current focal areas:

1.  Community conservation

We work with communities living next to forests especially protected areas in Darjeeling and Sikkim focussing on sustainable agro-ecology, and managing mountain human wildlife conflict and advocating for mountain human wildlife conflict policies. Agro-biodiversity conservation is an integral part of the intervention.

2. Climate resilient communities

We work with small farmers in Darjeeling and Sikkim evolving and promoting climate smart agriculture and agro-forestry. Promotion of diversity of local food cultures is a critical aspect of our climate resilience intervention and nutrition sensitive agro-ecology.

3. Community Health

We work with tea plantation workers, small farmers and educational institutions especially in rural Darjeeling.

a.    Water and Sanitation: Knowledge, institution and infrastructure strengthening to access clean and safe water for all. We are piloting bio-digesters; evapo-transpiration systems, grey water management systems as well as springshed recharge as part of our work. We promote sustainable menstrual health and hygiene. 

b.    School Health:

                      i.      Preventive health education inclusion in curriculum, screening and referrals in partnership with rural primary schools.

                    ii.        TeaLeaF: Teacher leading frontline addressing mental health and promoting mental wellbeing of rural children.

4. Zero Waste

We promote zero waste principles and practices as a member of Zero Waste Himalaya. We facilitate direct interventions in Darjeeling and Sikkim with local self-governance institutions, community-based institutions, government institutions and educational institutions. We share need for a change in narrative of waste to not producing waste, no-burn, demanding systemic and design changes across the Indian Himalayan Region through the Integrated Mountain Initiative. Zero Waste discussions include changing food choices and the need to go local and unpackaged.

5. Knowledge

Contextualised sustainability knowledge and practise within the Darjeeling and Sikkim Himalaya that is evolved in partnership with small farmers, forest villagers, plantation workers and educational institutions.

Permaculture: DLR Prerna’s philosophy and practice has evolved with permaculture principles and ethics and is woven in our invisible and visible interventions. We have beenoffering the Permaculture Design Courses in the Darjeeling Hills with Rico Zook as the trainer since 2005. Shorter term courses for farmers, community leaders and teachers are being facilitated by the DLR Prerna team in the local language.

6. Platforms, Networks and Partnerships

We believe that our effectiveness, reach and impacts are made manifold through Platforms, Networks and Partnerships. Our intervention experiences are transferred to policy landscapes as well as bring solidarity across the Indian Himalayan Region through the Integrated Mountain Initiative a platform of elected, bureaucrats and civil societies advocating for mountain sensitive policies. Our waste interventions are taken forward under the Zero Waste Himalaya, a pan Himalayan platform of individuals and organisations promoting principles of zero waste.


For further details

Darjeeling Ladenla Road Prerna, 

c/o Hayden Hall Complex,

42 Ladenla Road,

Darjeeling 734 101,

West Bengal, India.

Phone Number: +91 9800869959 (Sailesh Sharma)


NB: **** DLR Prerna and Rico reserves the right to admit candidates to the course.

Full Fee deposit is required to secure your spot in this course. Registration without deposit will only hold a spot in the course until we are filled. If you have not deposited the fee by this time your spot will be given to someone who does make the deposit.

International Candidates please contact Darjeeling Prerna for details.


This course is offered at the lowest possible pricing to make it accessible to as many people as possible. As such a late cancellation can have a significant impact on our budget. For this reason we have the following cancellation policy.

6 weeks or more notice: full refund minus 5% processing fee

4 to 6 weeks notice: refund minus 25%

2 to 4 weeks notice: refund minus 50%

2 weeks or less notice: refund minus 75%



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